Traffic Calming


The City of McKinney is committed to maintaining and improving the safety and livability of its residential streets. The McKinney City Council adopted a program designed to address traffic issues like speeding, cut-through traffic and parking problems in residential neighborhoods throughout the city. The procedures for the city’s traffic calming program are described in the neighborhood traffic calming policy.

Traffic Calming Program

The traffic calming program is intended to improve compliance with the posted speed limits. It is not intended to require drivers to travel significantly below the speed limit. The city’s goal is to have 85th percentile speed (meaning that 85% of the vehicles were going at or below this speed) and the posted speed limit to be as close to each other as possible.

When a traffic problem in a residential neighborhood is reported to the Traffic Division of the Engineering Department, the first step in the process is generally to conduct a traffic study at that location to quantify the extent of the problem. After a traffic study has been conducted, staff from the Traffic Division will contact you and discuss available options. Please refer to the neighborhood traffic calming policy for complete details on how the program operates.

For more information about the Traffic Calming Program, please call 972-547-7475.