FD: File of Life

A Life-Saving Tool

A File of Life is a medical history that you keep in an easily accessible place for emergency purposes. Here in McKinney, we use a red magnetic vinyl pocket with a folded card inside. Put important personal medical information on the card and place it on your refrigerator so that it is readily visible for paramedics and first responders to find. There is also a perforated, detachable portion to place in your wallet or purse.File of Life

Where Did It Come From?

Firefighter / paramedics identified the need when they responded to 911 calls, and were not able to give the fastest care because they didn't have the necessary health history or other information about the patient such as allergies to medications, history of diabetes or cardiac disease and any medications they were currently taking.

A File of Life can provide us with all the necessary information we need to treat patients safely and quickly, helping to save lives.

We know to look for the File of Life when responding to private homes, assisted living facilities and retirement communities.

How Can I Get One?

If you are a McKinney resident, you can request one for free courtesy of the McKinney Fire Department. Complete the form and submit it by email or apply by calling 972-547-2850. Please allow two weeks for delivery by mail.