McTown Klownz

Fightin' Fire with Fire Education

Hoser, Siren, Bucky, Blaze, Plug, Mr. Sean and DJ Fuego along with puppets and various characters actively teach fire and life safety lessons to local children. The McTown Klownz are active McKinney Fire Department Employees who know the dangers of fire first-hand. The Life Safety Education office annually reviews injury and death statistics for Collin County children ages birth to 13 years and incorporates high-occurrance subjects into the shows.

McTown Klownz performances are scheduled throughout the months of September and October in honor of Fire Prevention Month. Life safety messages are shared with children in McKinney ISD, Frisco and Prosper elementary schools within the city limits of McKinney. The season wraps up during Scare on the Square where the Klownz pass out candy. For more information about this or one of Life Safety Division's other programs, please contact Fire.

The McTown Klownz


Blaze - Khalil Martin

Khalil, aka “Blaze,” has been a McKinney Firefighter since 2003 and joined the McTown Klownz in 2010. His first appearance in costume was in 2006 as Sparky the Fire Dog. He is a member of McKinney Life and Fire Safety (LAFS) and Texas LAFS.

Bucky - Terry Carr

Terry has been a firefighter / paramedic since 1998, a fire clown since 2000 and with the McKinney Fire Department since 2006. When Terry joined McTown Klownz, Hoser and Siren helped him create his clown face. Terry’s fire clown name was coined by Mrs. Irwin, a longtime McKinney resident, because he got on his hands and knees to kick like a bucking bronco when he was upset. He kept it because the children loved it. Public education has always been a passion of Terry’s, and he looks forward each year to teaching at the local schools. He enjoys reaching out to the community with “Edutainment,” – education by characterization. Bucky says, “Remember – the perfect smoke alarm is the one that works!”


Hoser - Brent Rollins

Brent created “Hoser” as a poor hobo clown in the summer of 1993. Hoser made his debut in elementary schools the following October when he started the McKinney Fire Department’s traveling Fire Safety Show. After a few years of clowndergarten, Hoser graduated into being an Auguste clown character. "Ah, home at last," he says. After a couple of years a few others joined the group. “I can’t say enough about our McTown Klownz family,” says Brent. “We all share the same passion and vision for keeping our kids safe in McKinney. The first priority of our program is safety education for the kids. It's truly a pleasure to be part of this program.”


Plug - Eric Daniels

A McKinney firefighter / paramedic since 2008, Eric is the newest clown to the group. He volunteered to video the McTown Klownz in 2010 and later ran the show’s sound equipment. In 2011, Eric coined the name Plug with the help of his fellow clowns because he “plugged in” sound equipment before every show. Plug’s character fits his role as sound guy, and he’s learning how to make each McTown Klownz appearance unique. "If every show teaches just one child about an aspect of fire safety that can be applied at home, that's all that matters!" he says.


Siren - Jason Newell

Jason is a firefighter / paramedic with the McKinney Fire Department. He began clowning with McTown Klownz in 2002. Before that, he was with another group of clowns for six years. Siren is a lite Auguste clown with roots in Whiteface. He, like the rest of the Klownz, has a character that changes with the program from cowboy to politician, caveman to circus performer. With the Klownz, Siren has performed in front of a national conference of fire educators. With Hoser he has competed in an international clowning competition and with Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus. Jason has a passion to educate kids about not just fire safety, but also about life safety. “We will continue to change and stay on the forefront of safety for the sake of the children,” he says.