Tour / Classroom Visit

Class Tour

Schedule a Tour or Classroom Visit

As a part of our community and educational outreach, the McKinney Fire Department is pleased to offer tours of our fire stations, participate in various community sponsored activities and events and provide educational programs to your group or organization.

Request a tour. Be prepared to provide at least two requested tour / event date options, your preferred time of day, the number of children and adults you anticipate in attendance, the approximate age range of the children and which fire station you would like to visit. If you have a particular program focus, i.e., a specific Scout badge, have that information readily available. Please note that we do not offer birthday parties at the fire stations; however, if you would like to schedule a tour immediately prior to your party at another location, we will do our best to accommodate.

Keep in mind that we normally book tours and events 2-4 weeks in advance; and, that we do not schedule events on Friday. We look forward to hearing from you and to scheduling your educational event.