Fire Code

Commonly Referenced Codes

We do not review plans for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act or the Texas Accessibility Standards. We do, however, review plans in accordance with locally adopted codes. The McKinney Fire Department has adopted the 2018 International Fire Code (IFC) and amendment.

 If you wish to use a specific edition of an NFPA standard for your project, please contact the Fire Marshal’s Office to discuss your rationale to use another edition and the provisions you want to take advantage of.

2018 International Fire Code Adoption 

The McKinney Fire Department adopted the 2018 International Fire Code. Effective January 8th, all plan submittals are required to meet the requirements of the 2018 IFC. 

Ordinance Number 2018-01-002, which adopted the 2018 IFC, is available upon request in our office, online at Municode where you can also download the file as a PDF.

All of our guidelines and handbooks are available online. If you have a question or are unable to locate the document(s) you are looking for, please send a request via email to our Fire Marshal’s Office or contact us at 972-547-2850.