Public Meeting Guidelines

During regular City of McKinney public meetings we invite the public to present their comments. In order to ensure that we hear each unique voice and that meetings move forward in an orderly manner, we have established the following guidelines.

Signing up to Speak

Anyone who desires to speak must sign up before the start of the meeting by filling out a speaker card and giving it to the meeting clerk. 

Speaker cards are available:

Any speaker cards received after the meeting begins will be placed in the official meeting records; however, those persons will not be allowed to speak during either public comment segment. 

Comments submitted in writing, by email or online form will be delivered to Council, Board or Commission but not recorded in the minutes.

Speaking at a Public Meeting

  • Be prepared to move quickly to the podium when your name is called. Do not approach the dais.
  • Begin by stating your name and your address. 
  • You will be allowed up to three (3) minutes to address the Council or board. The Mayor or Presiding Officer, at his or her discretion, may reduce the time as deemed necessary to ensure meeting efficiency. 
  • Citizen comments at the beginning of the meeting are limited to the items on the posted agenda. Public comments regarding an item that is the subject of a public hearing will be heard when the public hearing is held. Those comments which are unrelated to posted agenda items will be heard at the end of the meeting.

Helpful Tips

  • Comments that are short, but to the point, are more effective than long and repetitive statements.
  • If your point has been made by previous speakers, feel free to inform the Mayor or Presiding Officer that you do not need to speak because your point had been made by another speaker. You can make a simple statement from your seat, such as: “I do not wish to speak. My point has been made.”
  • Information you would like to provide to Council must be emailed to presiding clerk or delivered to the presiding office by noon of the day prior to the meeting. Provide 12 copies of materials to distribute to Council or board. City staff will not make copies or provide access to city equipment to display images or information.
  • Address your remarks to the entire Council or board, rather than to a specific member. Do not address your remarks to the audience.
  • Do not ask Council or board if anyone has questions.
  • A count-down clock will indicate how much time is remaining to speak. When the time has ended, a tone will sound, and your comments must be completed.

Rules of Conduct

  • Speakers have the right to criticize policies, procedures, programs, and services, but speakers must stick to the time limits and stay on topic.
  • Be respectful and courteous to Council or board, staff, other speakers, and those in attendance at the meeting.
  • Behavior that fails to yield the floor when the speaker’s time is concluded; is not relevant to the agenda item or city business; repeatedly interrupts a Council or board member; disturbs the order of the meeting; involves loud, threatening, hostile, abusive, vulgar or obscene language; or disrupts the Council or board meeting is prohibited.
  • Any speaker or audience member that violates these rules of conduct or engages in disruptive behavior may be subject to removal from the meeting.
  • The Mayor or Presiding Officer will enforce these rules, and a person’s failure or refusal to comply with an explicit request or order of the Mayor or Presiding Officer may violate the Texas Penal Code, Section 38.13.

Signs at Public Meetings

  • No outside placards, banners, signs, pennants, or flags shall be brought into the Council Chambers or in any other room in which the City Council, board or commission is meeting.
  • Only city staff, consultants, or agenda item applicants are allowed use of visual aids during their scheduled presentations.