Welcome From Chief Danny Kistner

The McKinney Fire Department (MFD) strives to be a progressive, innovative and critically-thinking organization that optimizes opportunities to serve you. We offer the best in customer service and care and are always in search of a better way of operating. Our mission is to promote and protect the community’s health and safety through dynamic programs, professional services, and continuous quality improvement.

In 2019, we continued to concentrate on key areas that help us fulfill our mission and the McKinney City Council’s goal of providing a safe and secure community. Our key areas of focus are to:

  • Train for emergency management scenarios
  • Identify unique performance measures
  • Maintain a public protection classification rating of 1
  • Obtain state and national accreditation
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Implement programs for high-risk youth

Smiling Grey-haired man in uniform in front of flag


Large building under constructionStation 10
Construction is underway on McKinney Fire Station 10 located in Trinity Falls. It includes firefighter training facilities. The building should be completed and staffed in the spring of 2020.

Four people with gloves on in roomReady to React
One-hour course teaches people how to perform hands-only CPR and Stop the Bleed.
SUV with lights and front grill painted red and blackAdded staff in the Fire Marshal’s Office
New hires included a professional engineer to review plans for new developments.
Three firetrucks parked in a rowNew trucks and med units
To better serve the residents of McKinney, the fire department added three new state-of-the-art fire engines and a medical unit.

Enacting our strategic plan results in dividends to the community by providing us with greater competence and effectiveness. Defibrillators were placed in all public facilities, training was provided to residents for hands-only CPR and “Stop the Bleed,” the outdoor warning system was upgraded, and construction began on Fire Station #10 in Trinity Falls.  

As you glance through this report, you will observe an organization committed to service and quality improvement. We are proud of our community and the men and women who serve you as members of the McKinney Fire Department.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve,
Danny Kistner, McKinney Fire Chief

Ready to React LogoReady to React
MFD’s Ready to React program kicked off with training events all over McKinney. The one-hour class teaches hands-only CPR, Stop the Bleed and AED training. Hundreds of people have been trained so far, making McKinney a better and safer place to live and work. A $20,000 grant from Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation paid for Stop the Bleed kits that are being placed all over the city. 
Two people doing CPR on practice dummy
Aerial view of fire station construction
Future Fire Stations
2019 ushered in new projects including the construction of Fire Station #10, to be completed in March of 2020, and the design of Fire Station #11, to be located in Craig Ranch. Planning is also underway for Fire Station #12 and #13; the stations were approved by McKinney voters in 2015 as part of the city’s 10-year Capital Improvement Program.

Year in Review


  • The McKinney Fire Department has received the coveted Best Practices recognition from the Texas Fire Chiefs Association and continues to work towards National accreditation.
  • Hired 8 firefighters.
  • Promoted 2 Battalion Chiefs.
  • Promoted 3 Captains.


  • Design and construction of Fire Station 10 at Trinity Falls.
  • State-of-the-art fire apparatus is critical to protecting the community. In 2019, MFD oversaw the design and construction of three new fire engines and one new med unit. The new apparatus were finished and delivered in September 2019.
  • Began work to identify response area for the new Fire Station 10 and update the response matrix.
  • Acquired grant funds to purchase Ballistic Vests and equipment for Rescue Task Force Active Shooters Incidents.

15,000+ calls for service. 10,000+ emergency medical calls; 1,000 vehicle accidents. 344 Hazardous materials calls.

248 fires: 36 building, 24 cooking, 41 vehicle, 84 outdoor. 4,476 calls for service with 1,055 community healthcare contact visits

Two men holding rescue equipment: a walkie talkie and an emergency stabilizer transport bed


The McKinney Fire Department is ready to answer calls for help from across the state. We are a proud member of the Texas Intrastate Fire Mutual Aid System (TIFMAS). It is an unwritten agreement that allows government entities to work together to get emergency help to areas hit hard by devastating events like tornadoes, hurricanes, floods or wildland fires.

McKinney Firefighter / Paramedics Chris Harlow and Duke Durham were mobilized as part of TIFMAS and assigned as Wildland Paramedics for the Vivian Fire Located in Foard County. Wildland Paramedics see to the medical needs of the firefighters battling the flames. Wildland Paramedics were added to the program after a firefighter suffered a heart attack and died fighting a wildfire in 2018.


  • Conducted monthly ISO training. Topics include hazardous materials, ladders, ventilation techniques, water rescue, live burns, skills stations.
  • Conducted annual and new hire physical agility testing.
  • Conducted quarterly officer / driver development classes.
  • Special Operations training.
  • Hosted captain's assessment center and workshop.
  • 476 TIFMAS training hours.
Two men in a yellow raft on a river wearing life vests and helmets.

MFD Staff Development

26 Collin College Fire Academy Graduates, 3 Airecraft rescue and firefighting certifications, 5 driver operator certifications.3 vertical rescue technicians, 6 swift water rescue technicians, 6 floodwater boat operators.2 high rise operations conference graduates; 4 confiened space rescue technicians.
Four men dressed up like clowns with a little kid
Public Information and Education

  • Implemented Ready to React program that teaches hands-only CPR and Stop the Bleed. Trained hundreds of people who live and work in McKinney.
  • Grew Facebook page to more than 8,000 followers.
  • Established Instagram page.
  • The use of hands-only CPR is up 8% in McKinney since our Guinness World Record setting hands-only CPR training event last year.
  • McTown Klownz visited 35 schools and taught a fire safety message to thousands of kids.
  • Hosted a hiring workshop in May 2019.
  • Accumulated more than 1,545 volunteer hours by the Citizens Fire Academy Alumni Association.
  • Hosted 2 youth career exploration camps.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

  • Awarded the Mission: Lifeline® EMS Silver recognition by the American Heart Association's System of Care initiative for superior care during cardiac events.
  • 40 AEDs were installed in city facilities to help protect the citizens of McKinney.
  • Total of 112 CPRs in McKinney with an average Return of Spontaneous Circulation (ROSC) score of 26%, compared to the national average ROSC score of 11%.
  • Created a certified Field Training Paramedic (FTP) program. Twelve staff are now trained to onboard new paramedics for the department.  
  • Appointed a new EMS Captain.
Four men holding award and award certificate
10,965 total calls: 71% transport, 29% no transport. Busiest time of calls: 2 p.m.; Busiest day of the week, Friday. Busiest month of the year: August.
Wall with various signs

Fire Marshal's Office

  • Created a functional structure in the FMO to provide lead personnel in the areas of inspections, engineering and investigations, creating efficiency and organization through-out a multi-functional team.
  • Worked with area departments to create an installation standard in buildings with Firefighter Air Replenishment System (FARS)
  • Brought on a professional engineer in a plan review position.
Office of Emergency Management

  • Awarded $100,000 Department of Homeland Security grant to enhance existing Light & Air Truck.
  • Completed 18 Ballistic Protective Equipment projects to enhance response to Active Shooter / Mass Casualty incident or any event requiring ballistic protection.
  • Upgraded the McKinney Outdoor Warning Siren System (OWS) which is comprised of 28 sirens strategically located throughout the community.
  • The development of a city-wide Continuity of Operations Plan was initiated to protect in case of a computer shutdown.
  • Participated in 5 tabletop exercises to enhance capabilities to respond and recover from emergencies.
  • OEM monitored a total of five weather occurrences and four special events during the report period.
  • Graduated the 16th class of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), bringing the trained members total to 280.
Four men in safety vests and hard hats
Safety is the priority. 32% increase in fire protection plan reviews. 10 fire sprinkler saves. 24% increase fire inspection revenue from 20181602 permits issued. 42% increase in fire permit revenue. 100% success rate in fire sprinkler structure saves.