Road Closures

Use Google Maps with the “Traffic” layer turned on or the Waze app to navigate around current road closures.

  • East Louisiana Street is closed from State Highway 5 (S.H. 5) to South Murray Street. This eastbound only lane closure is anticipated to be in place until mid-March 2024. Additional project information
  • Follow the posted detour routes along Virginia Street and Anthony Street.
  • Louisiana Street is open to Westbound traffic only between Throckmorton Street and S.H. 5. 

Image is a link to a larger map.

TUPPS Brewery Project

  • A Temporary Certificate of Occupancy for the brewery (brewing only, not open to the public) was issued.
  • Project completion is delayed due to changes in design.


In July 2020, TUPPS Brewery announced it will relocate and expand its campus to the historic Mill District of downtown McKinney. The campus will include a tasting taproom in the original grain milling building, a state-of-the-art production facility, retail shopping featuring local craftsmen, and an entertainment venue. The City of McKinney,  McKinney Community Development Corporation (MCDC) and the McKinney Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) are contributing to the project.

How will this project benefit the city?
MCDC works in partnership with businesses to promote and fund cultural and economic development projects that maintain and enhance McKinney's quality of life. The TUPPS Brewery relocation and expansion project is an example of great things that come from collaboration and public-private cooperative efforts.

The TUPPS project, which will rehabilitate and revitalize the former McKinney Grain property, will:

  • Accomplish MCDC strategic goals of fostering the redevelopment of the Downtown Historic Cultural District and East McKinney and creating destination retail, dining, and entertainment.
  • Serve as a catalyst for redevelopment on the east side of the city.
  • Create a world-class cultural and entertainment destination for residents and visitors.
  • Facilitate the growth and expansion of TUPPS Brewery.

Estimated Project Completion:

  • Brewery: January 2024
  • Remainder of the site and project: February 2024


East Louisiana / Green & Andrews

  • East Louisiana Street is closed from State Highway 5 (S.H. 5) to South Murray Street. This eastbound-only lane closure is anticipated to be in place until mid-March 2024. Follow the posted detour routes along Virginia Street and Anthony Street.
  • Louisiana Street is open to Westbound traffic only between Throckmorton Street and S.H. 5. 
  • Utility construction nearing completion. A temporary driving surface is in place. Repaving of Green Street and Andrews Street is anticipated to be complete by early 2024, weather permitting.

Expected Project Completion: Spring 2024


South Murray Street (Greenville Road to Moore Street)

  • No road closures.
  • Pavement has been removed and a temporary driving surface is in place.
  • Contractor is working to complete underground storm sewer work. 
  • Repaving is planned to begin after Green and Andrews are completed.
  • The city is actively working with the contractor to keep the temporary roadway surface as smooth as possible.

Expected Project Completion: Spring 2024


Virginia & Throckmorton

  • The project was awarded for construction in December 2023 and is expected to start in January 2024.
  • This project is planned to be constructed in three phases. Map of construction phases - PDF
    • Phase 1 - North end of Throckmorton St. (Lamar St. - Hunt St.)
    • Phase 2 - Virginia St. (State Highway 5 - Main St.)
    • Phase 3 - Roundabout at Virginia St. and Throckmorton St.


This project will include comprehensive street, drainage, utility, pedestrian and lighting improvements to East Virginia Street from State Highway 5 to Throckmorton Street, including Throckmorton Street from East Virginia Street to Lamar Street. This project is being done in alignment with recommendations from the Streets & Traffic Study to prepare for the New City Hall project.

Estimated Project Completion: Late 2024


New McKinney City Hall

  • Concrete framing is complete.
  • Virginia Street has been repaved with an asphalt surface to serve as the primary access route while Louisiana Street and Greenville Street are being reconstructed.
  • Site work and underground utility construction work is ongoing.
  • Construction progress photos & architectural renderings


In 2019, voters passed a $50 million bond proposition to serve as a major source of funding for a Municipal Community Complex that will house the new McKinney City Hall. 

The current City Hall is a converted bank building constructed in the 1950s and a Development Services building from the 1960s. The buildings are not large enough to house a growing city and city staff, the city leases additional space around the city. In all, city administrative and parks employees are in nine buildings and at a cost of $650,000 in annual rent. 

The new building would be designed to accommodate the city’s growth for the next generation at a location that would serve as a central gathering space and catalyst for development.

Public Meetings

Estimated Project Completion: Early 2025


Historic McKinney Survey 2023

The City of McKinney is conducting a historic resources survey to re-evaluate and update previous surveys and evaluate previously undocumented historic resources. The survey includes McKinney's Historic Overlay District and Historically Significant Area.

Visit the Historic McKinney Survey 2023 page for more information.


S.H. 5 City Utility Relocation | Spur 399 - Power House Street

  • Design for water main and wastewater main relocations is complete. 
  • Easement acquisition underway. 
  • Construction is expected to begin in early 2024.


As part of the  TxDOT S.H. 5 reconstruction project, the City of McKinney must reconstruct water mains and wastewater mains impacted by roadway construction. Due to limited right-of-way within the project area, permanent easements and temporary construction easements are needed in some locations to accommodate these utility improvements. The city plans to complete the utility improvements prior to the start of the TxDOT project.

Estimated Project Completion: Mid-2025


S.H. 5 Reconstruction | Spur 399 – Power House Street

  • TxDOT acquiring right-of-way for improvements. 
  • The project is expected to go to bid April 2025. 
  • Construction is estimated to begin in mid-2025.
  • Learn more at


The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is leading efforts to fully reconstruct S.H. 5 from Spur 399 to Power House Street as a 4 to 6-lane divided roadway. Between Eldorado Parkway / Industrial Boulevard and U.S. 380, S.H. 5 will remain 4-lanes due to limited right-of-way.  However, the road will be reconstructed with a raised center median and turn lanes at specific intersections. The project also includes wide sidewalks and improved stormwater systems.


Chestnut Water Tank*

  • Design is underway and is planned to be completed for bid in late 2024. 


The Chestnut Water Tank serves the community as a location for cellular antenna equipment, as well as an iconic structure in the Historic Downtown McKinney area. It served as part of the city's water distribution system from 1952 until 2003. To preserve its functional life, the city plans improvements to the tank including:

  • Repainting
  • Structural repairs
  • Site improvements (i.e., landscaping, irrigation, and paving repairs)
  • Replace and upgrade safety systems
  • Lighting improvements
  • Accommodations for cellular providers

*The Chestnut Water Tank is no longer part of the water distribution system.


Lower 5 Plaza Project

S.H. 5 Downtown Pedestrian Connection

This project is to provide an enhanced pedestrian connection and reconnect the community along State Highway 5 between Virginia Street and Louisiana Street. The Lower 5 Plaza, formerly known as the Inverted Deck Park, is currently in the preliminary design phase with Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. 

The preliminary design will provide a bridge layout, drainage design, and conceptual park layouts as the City of McKinney continues to work with its partners, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG). The preliminary design will be provided to TxDOT who will prepare the final construction plans as well as lead the environmental evaluation / clearance process and ROW acquisition efforts.

Estimated Project Timeline:

  • Dec. 5, 2023 | Project presentation at City Council Work Session
  • Spring 2024 | Schematic Bridge Layout to TxDOT
  • 2024 | Environmental and Public Engagement Phase
  • 2025 - 26 | Final Bridge and Park Design Phase
  • 2027 - 30 | Bridge and Park Construction