Plan Submittal Guidelines


These guidelines are to be followed when a submittal for permit is required by the McKinney Fire Department for installation, modification, operations or otherwise required within the City of McKinney.

All requirements for the purposes of these guidelines shall conform to the 2018 International Fire Code, as adopted and amended by City of McKinney Ordinance Number 2020-01-001 and any applicable NFPA standards.

These guides do not replace or supersede any codes and/or ordinances adopted by the City of McKinney or determinations and positions of the Fire Chief or Fire Marshal.

Specific information relative to configuration of installation and design or fire lanes, embedment details or any other referenced drawing may be found on the Standard Details, Informational Bulletins or Rulings and Interpretations pages.


The Building Permit Number (BP#) must accompany all new plan review submittals and applications. Your submittal will not be processed for review without the BP# and will result in a delay in the review process and issuance of a permit.

Permit Application