Standard Details

Below is a list of Fire Marshal's Office standard details. Unless noted otherwise, the details are provided for reference and information only. Deviations from the below standard details is allowed with the written approval of the Fire Marshal or his designee.

Fire Hydrant Details

Refer to the Engineering Water and Wastewater Design Specifications Manual for detailed specifications. Specific site condition may increase the required access areas.

STORZ Fire Department Connection (FDC) Details

Fire Sprinkler Underground

Vault Details

Fire Lane Turnarounds

These details are scaled to be printed on 8.5 by 11 inch paper.

Wayfaring Sign Details

Fire Lane Striping Details

Additional fire lane detail drawings and fire department access drawings are included in the Fire Lane Guidelines and in Information Notice 2008-04 and Administrative Ruling / Interpretation 2008-05. Please see these documents for additional information and/or clarification.