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This Resource Guide is intended for Downtown Merchants to better understand Main Street activities and city requirements while also providing some tips on being a good downtown stakeholder. This is a living document, please let us know if we should add or clarify a topic.

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About Main StreetWorking with the CityUseful Info

Essential McKinney Main Street Info: 

  • How to stay connected:
    • Sign up for our bi-weekly merchant-only eNewsletter.
    • Join us for our Monthly Business Meetings held at MPAC at 8:30 am every 2nd Tuesday of every month. 
    • Main Street manages a Private Facebook Group for merchants and property owners. 
    • Tag us on social media @DowntownMcKinney on Facebook and Instagram so we can share your info/updates. 
    • Add your downtown events to our Cultural District Calendar.
    • Contact us directly at: [email protected]

  • About Main Street: McKinney Main Street champions a vibrant downtown - the heartbeat of McKinney since 1848.
    • Main Street is a national program developed to save historic commercial architecture and has also become a powerful economic development tool. The Main Street program offers a nationally recognized practical strategy appropriately scaled to local resources and conditions.  McKinney Main Street is a 501c3 administered by the City of McKinney. The McKinney Main Street board is appointed by City Council and is primarily funded through grants, events, and memberships. Our aim is to improve all aspects of downtown by improving economic management, strengthening public participation, and Marketing downtown as a fun place to visit.
    • Learn more about McKinney Main Street
    • About the Texas Main Street Program 
  • Become a Main Street Member and enjoy the full benefits of membership.  

Opening/relocating a business to Downtown McKinney 


Calendar of Signature Festivals and Events

  • Krewe of Barkus - Sunday Before Mardi Gras
    • Attendance: 2 - 3,000
    • Limited street closures for 3 hours day of event
  • Arts in Bloom - Traditionally the second weekend of April
    • Attendance 40,000
    • Full downtown street closures during event.
  • Texas Music Revolution - Traditionally the first weekend of June
    • Attendance 10,000
    • Limited downtown street closures Friday and Saturday
  • Oktoberfest - Traditionally the last full weekend in September 
    • Attendance 80,000
    • Full downtown street closures during event
  • Home for the Holidays - Traditionally the weekend after Thanksgiving
    • Attendance 60,000
    • Full downtown street closures during event

Learn more and find out how to get involved, or to become a vendor


Parking Downtown and Getting Around

The City of McKinney offers ample parking for the downtown area with various free parking lots and parking garages located conveniently around the downtown area. Additionally, Main Street offers visitors free shuttle service, DASH, to and from the parking lots. 

Do your part to leave on-street parking for customers. Encourage your employees to park in the free parking garages and remote parking lots (non 3-hour spaces). 


Permitting in Downtown McKinney

  • This is not a comprehensive list and you may need additional permits not listed here.
  • Consult the Planning Department before starting any projects.
  • Hire only insured and licensed contractors. 

Commonly Needed Permits


Trash Services in Downtown McKinney

Establishing an Account

  • Currently, 3 levels of service are offered
    • Low - Office Use
    • Medium - Small / Medium retail
    • High - All Food Uses: restaurants and operations which trade in large items and generate large amounts of trash or recycle products.  
  • Service is set up directly through the city vendor, Waste Connections. Call 469-452-8000 and leave a message.

Trash Service Rules

  • All businesses must maintain service with Waste Connections.  
  • Trash and recycling may be placed in the black communal containers located on the sidewalks downtown or carried to one of the trash & recycling enclosures for disposal.
  • Black containers on the sidewalk are not for any particular business to use. They are communal. Any business is free to use any black container located throughout the Downtown area.
  • If the closest container is full, find one that is not. Containers must not be overfilled, lids must be able to close. Trash and recycling may also be carried to one of the enclosures for disposal.
  • Black containers MAY NOT be used to dispose of food waste materials from any business. All food waste MUST be disposed of in one of the enclosures.
  • If items are too big for the black containers, they should be taken to one of the 4 enclosures located Downtown.  
  • To report a problem with a black container, merchants may contact the City of McKinney Environmental Services Division at 972- 547-7385.
  • Decorative containers and Big Belly compactors are NOT for merchant’s use. These are for guests and visitors.
  • All boxes, whether they are disposed of in a black container or an enclosure MUST BE BROKEN DOWN FLAT. 
  • Pallets, construction, demolition debris, and hazardous materials such as paints, stains, and chemicals may NOT be disposed of in carts OR enclosures. Violators will be prosecuted for illegal dumping.
  • Paid merchant bulky item collection is available through Waste Connections for a nominal fee, Monday through Friday. The fee is added to the merchant’s monthly bill.
    • All requests must be received by 12 p.m. for same-day curbside service at 5 p.m.


Common Repair and Maintenance Issues with Historic Buildings

  • Electrical
    • Panel Upgrade 
    • Rewiring, Lighting ballast replacement/led conversion. 
    • No ground wire because of steel.
  • Plumbing
    • Clay pipes, circa 1880s construction, tend to collapse.
    • Cast iron, circa 1920s-50s construction, tend to flake and clog. 
      Recommend replacement.
    • Grease trap for any food service.
    • Vent hoods.
    • 3 compartment sinks. Not for sinks located in bathrooms.
  • AC Units
    • Handle maintenance on AC units. Tenants responsible for filter change out.
    • Leases - may have to share the cost of AC unit replacement.
    • Typical lifespan is  8 - 10 years.
      Old freon, leaks 
  • Roofs
    • Flat roofs leak, tar has to be touched up. 
    • Subdecking is usually just plywood, which is not up to code.
  • Cracks in walls/windows
    • Brick walls often need to be re-mortared (repointed). 
  • Cracks in foundation
  • Lack of fire suppression system (indoor sprinkler)


Grant Opportunities for Downtown Merchants and Property Owners: 

  • MCDC Retail Development Infrastructure Grants 
    • Brief Description - Retail Development Infrastructure Grants (not to exceed $25,000 per grant and requires a match) provide funding support for infrastructure improvements for landmark retail properties within McKinney city limits. For the purpose of this program, “landmark retail” is defined as buildings within the historic downtown area with boundaries that coincide with the “Cultural District” designation; retail redevelopment opportunities at locations that are viewed as gateways into the city (e.g. Highway 5 and Spur 399 – and other locations along Highway 5; Virginia Parkway and 75).
    • Eligible Improvements - Infrastructure improvements that are exterior to a property, necessary to promote or develop new or expanded business enterprises, and include:
      • Sewer
      • Water
      • Electric Utilities
      • Gas Utilities
      • Drainage
  • Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ) 1 Grants
    • Facade
    • Critical Maintenance
    • Fire Suppression
  • Texas Historical Commission (THC) Main Street Design Assistance
    • This is a free design/rendering service through Texas Main Street. The THC will provide recommendations for awning and facade designs. Contact us for an initial consultation. 


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