U.S. 380 Bypass

Project Overview

The proposed TxDOT project for the U.S. 380 Bypass would provide an eight-lane freeway with frontage roads to manage congestion and east-west mobility, connectivity, traffic operations, and safety. TxDOT has been working on the Draft Environmental Impact Study (EIS) since the Fall of 2020.

This project is necessary because population growth within Collin County has resulted in traffic volumes that exceed the capacity of U.S. 380 between Coit Road and FM 1827, resulting in congestion, reduced mobility and higher crash rates than similar roadways in the region.

Information on this page comes from the February 16, 2023 TxDOT Virtual Public Meeting Website.


Current Status

TxDOT Recommended Alignment

TxDOT is recommending the 380 Bypass follow segments A, E, and C.

Video prepared by TxDOT to illustrate the current proposed route

City of McKinney's Position on Proposed Alignment

The City of McKinney has consistently passed resolutions and written letters to TxDOT supporting Segment B and opposing Segment A.

The following is a list of the resolutions and letters sent by the city to TxDOT expressing the City of McKinney’s preference:

  • Resolution 2022-04-050
    April 5, 2022 | Support for Segment B, E and C.
  • Position Letter
    November 3, 2021 | Requests that TxDOT construct U.S. 380 over Coit Road and that Coit Road remain at grade so that access to developments at the corner of U.S. 380 and Coit Road is not impacted.
  • Letter
    December 30, 2020 | Importance of U.S. 75 and future U.S. 380 interchange to the City to promote regional commercial development. Requested shift as far south as possible to maximize developable land.
  • Resolution 2020-12-192 (letter from City Manager on December 31, 2020)
    December 15, 2020 | Support for Brown and Gold Freeway Alignments (Segment B) as it provides best regional mobility and congestion mitigation of new location alternatives. Reaffirmed opposition of Segment F (existing U.S. 380).
  • Resolution
    October 6, 2020 | Support alignment running generally along CR 164 and Bloomdale Rd. between future Ridge Road and Community Avenue. Requested full or partial depression, sound barriers, and maximum physical, visual and sound separation. Requested ramping at 7 arterials. Requested protection and preservation of Erwin Park, including a grade-separated pedestrian crossing to Erwin Park. Continued evaluation at U.S. 380/U.S. 75 which keeps the Laud Howell Parkway/U.S. 75 intersection intact and places a U.S. 380/U.S. 75 interchange further south.
  • Resolution 2019-10-128
    October 15, 2019 | Acknowledges and supports the need for new limited access facilities in Collin County and provides guiding principles for a new bypass facility north of U.S. 380.
  • Position Letter
    August 26, 2019 | Opposes Spur 399 alignment west of McKinney National Airport.
  • Position Letter
    April 24, 2019 | Letter from City of McKinney Mayor George Fuller to NCTCOG Director of Transportation Michael Morris. Opposes Green alignment (widen-in-place) for U.S. 380; expresses support for Red B alignment and opposition for Red A alignment; requests further evaluation / consideration of the Yellow alignment for east-west movement; Proposes a new Teal alignment.
  • Position Letter
    April 12, 2019 | Opposes Green alignment (widen-in-place) for U.S. 380; expresses support for Red B alignment and opposition for Red A alignment; requests further evaluation/consideration of the Yellow alignment for east-west movement; Opposes any limited access facility west of the McKinney National Airport.
  • Position Letter
    July 25, 2018 | Expresses concern about physical and economic impacts of converting U.S. 380 into a limited access facility along the existing alignment. Opposed any alignment on the west side of McKinney National Airport. Expresses support for an alignment that begins further west to avoid impacts to several neighborhoods. Requests additional information about displacements, lost tax revenues, elevated facilities, and travel demand modeling.
  • Resolution 2017-05-109
    May 16, 2017 | Supports eastward extension of Spur 399 as a limited access roadway. Recognizes the need to develop immediate improvements to U.S. 380 to address safety and congestion issues.
  • Resolution 2016-05-064
    May 3, 2016 | Opposes the conversion of U.S. 380 to a limited access roadway because of adverse impacts to businesses and planned developments along the corridor.


Shift of U.S. 380 Alignment East of Tucker Hill

At the February 16 public hearing, TxDOT showed a potential modification of the freeway alignment east of Tucker Hill. This proposed change shifted the alignment approximately 100 feet to the west of the original alignment. The goal of this shift was to minimize the impact on projects that are under construction.Map of alternative design for 380 bypass Opens in new windowAdditional details on University Drive & U.S. 380 proposed interchange


TxDOT Response to Concerns About the Selection of Segment A

TxDOT has received numerous resolutions and position letters going back to 2016 from the City of McKinney that consistently opposed what would become the alignment known as “Segment A” in the EIS materials.  Most recently, TxDOT received a resolution passed on April 5, 2022 supporting Segments B, E and C.  All of these items are part of the official U.S. 380 EIS project record and were taken into consideration when selecting the Preferred Alternative.  

TxDOT is proposing the following mitigation as part of the Preferred Alternative identified in the draft EIS:  

  • Building sound barriers (noise walls) that do not exist today, 
  • Depressing the main lanes between the Tucker Hill and Stonebridge neighborhoods to decrease traffic noise and visual barriers, and 
  • Providing local street crossings over the depressed section to provide connectivity between neighborhoods.


Sound Barriers

During the EIS, TxDOT completed an initial evaluation of where sound barriers will be needed. The initial evaluation recommended sound barriers on the south side of U.S. 380 near Tucker Hill, but not on the north side. The City of McKinney has requested that TxDOT re-evaluate the results of their initial analysis during the next phase of the project, which is the finalization of the EIS.Map of noise barrier analysis Opens in new windowAdditional noise barrier analysis map details


Can the Selected Alignment Change

TxDOT has been working on the Draft EIS since the Fall of 2020. Developing the EIS includes the design and analysis of different alignment options. These options are evaluated based on several factors including, environmental and natural resources, displacements and right-of-way requirements, protected lands, traffic noise, induced growth, and costs.

Analysis of different alignment options also includes a public input period which was conducted from March 22 to April 21, 2022. During that time, the City of McKinney passed a resolution supporting Segment B and voiced opposition to Segment A. In addition to hosting several public meetings, TxDOT received 9,075 public comments. Of the 9,075 comments received, 94.6% referenced either Segment A or B with 71.2% preferring Segment A and 27% preferring Segment B.

The Draft Environmental Impact Statement released in January 2023 establishes the preferred alignment and reflects a review of public and local governmental body input received. It is the city's understanding that while nothing is final until the record of decision is issued, there are only a few things that would significantly change the preferred alignment, including significant new information that was not captured during the EIS process. An example would be the presence of an endangered species or other cultural or historical artifacts not previously known.

Visit the TxDOT page for Public Hearing presentations, project information and information on how to submit public comments. Public comments will be received until Tuesday, March 21.


Project History / Resources

  • 2023 | TxDOT released the Draft Environmental Impact Study (EIS) and holds Public Meetings. Based on the results, TxDOT is recommending the 380 Bypass follow segments A, E, and C. 
  • 2022 | TxDOT holds public meeting to provide an update on the EIS process, environmental findings, and to show design schematics for the build alternatives under consideration for U.S. 380 Bypass between Coit Road and FM1827.
  • 2020 - Current | TxDOT is gathering public input and conducting EIS required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), on all 5 segments.
  • 2017 - 2020 | TxDOT conducted a Feasibility Study and recommended U.S. 380 for the building of a freeway. At the end of the study, TxDOT recommended the construction of a freeway (U.S. 380 Bypass) and came up with 5 different alignment segments (A - E) on which they would like public input.
  • 2016 | Collin County Commissioner Court identified U.S. 380 as a priority project for a limited Access Roadway (Freeway) study. They did not specify a route for development.