Court: Options to Keep It Off Your Record

Note: The options on this page may only apply to your citation if you meet the qualifications listed within each option.

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Deferred Disposition


  • Fine and court costs must be prepaid.
  • Request for Deferred Disposition and payment must be made in-person or online before your court appearance date.
  • If your request is granted, you must comply with the terms ordered, or your case will not be dismissed. 
  • If you are under the age of 25, you must complete a driving safety course as a condition of Deferred Disposition for traffic offenses.

You are not eligible for Deferred Disposition if:

  • You successfully completed Deferred Disposition within 12 months of the offense.
  • You are charged with a violation in a construction zone when workers are present.
  • You hold a commercial driver's license or held one at the time you were cited for the offense. 

Request Deferred Disposition via the McKinney Municipal Court Portal.


Driving Safety Course

If you are charged with an offense involving the operation of a motor vehicle or motorcycle and you are eligible, you may request, before your appearance date, the option to take a Driving Safety Course (DSC).

Request Driving Safety Course via the McKinney Municipal Court Portal.

You are eligible to request a Driving Safety Course if:

  • You have not completed a driving safety course within the 12 months before the date of the citation and are not currently taking a course for another traffic violation.
  • You are not charged with speeding 25 mph or more over the posted speed limit.
  • You did not hold a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) on the offense date or currently hold a CDL.
  • The offense did not occur in a construction zone with workers present.
  • The offense did not involve failing to give information at an accident, leaving the scene of an accident, passing a school bus, or serious traffic violation.
  • You enter a plea of guilty or no contest.

Upon entering a plea of guilty or no contest you must present the court with the following:

  • Proof of financial responsibility (automotive liability insurance).
  • A valid Texas driver's license or permit (or proof that you are a member, or the spouse or dependent child of a member, of the United States military serving on active duty).
  • Payment of court costs and fees of $144 (or $169 for school zone offenses).
  • Sign an affidavit of eligibility provided by the court

If you meet these requirements, the court will defer imposition of judgment for 90 days to allow you to complete an approved driving safety course. 

Within 90 days you must:

  1. Complete a driving safety course approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) (or motorcycle operator training course as applicable) and submit to the court a signed uniform certificate of course completion.
  2. Submit to the court a certified copy of your driving record (Type 3A) as maintained by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Failure to comply with these requirements may result in a final conviction being entered and payment of the fine and any additional costs required by law.



Judge's Ability to Dismiss

The municipal judge is responsible for conducting a fair, impartial, and public trial. The case against you is brought by the State of Texas through the prosecutor, not the court. The judge may not dismiss a case without the prosecutor having the right to try the case. 

There are several exceptions to this rule, including deferred disposition, driving safety courses, and compliance dismissals.

Compliance Dismissals

Citations for the offenses listed may be dismissed if you appear at the Municipal Court on or before the appearance date listed on your citation and present proof of correction of the defect. 

The offense will not be dismissed if required proof is not submitted.

Request a Compliance Dismissal via the McKinney Municipal Court Portal.

OffenseRequired ProofFee
Expired Registration
  1. Renew registration; and
  2. Pay late penalty fee to the county at time of renewal
Failure to Maintain Financial ResponsibilityProof that a valid form of financial responsibility (e.g. liability insurance) was in effect at the time of the citationNone
No Valid Driver's LicenseProof of a driver's license valid at the time of the citationNone
Expired Driver's License; Failure to Report Change of Address or NameProof the license was renewed or the defect was remedied$20
Failure to Display Driver's LicenseProof of a valid driver's license at the time of the citation$10
Violation of Driver's License RestrictionProof the restriction was removed$10
Failure to Display Current Registration; Failure to Display Two License Plates; Display Altered / Obscured License Plate; Defective Equipment
  1. Remedy defect; and
  2. A marshal must verify defect was remedied by inspecting the vehicle at the Court