Court: Warrants & Driver's License Holds

Warrant Information

  • Alias Warrants: An Alias Warrant is when the defendant fails to make an appearance either by not taking care of the original class C citation or by not appearing in Court as promised.
  • Capias Pro-Fine Warrant: A Capias Pro-Fine Warrant is when the defendant has a guilty judgment and fails to comply with the Court's orders.

Options for Resolving a Warrant Include:

  • Pay in Full
  • Request a Payment Plan: Requests must be made in person at the court office. The defendant should be prepared to make a down payment to start the payment plan.
  • Appear in Court: The defendant can appear in person and discuss other resolution options with the Court.
    • The McKinney Municipal Court is a Safe Harbor. Defendants may appear to resolve their citations in good faith without fear of arrest.


Driver's License Holds

Department of Public Safety (DPS) / Omni (Driver's License Hold)

The DPS Failure to Appear / Failure to Pay website contains information on violators who have been reported by Texas cities and counties in accordance with Chapter 706 of the Texas Transportation Code. If you have been reported to the program, you will not be able to renew your Texas driver's license until the reported violation is resolved with the reporting court.

The hold is lifted within 10 business days of payment in full or completion of a program ordered by the Judge.