Neighborhood Associations

Forming a Neighborhood Association

The Neighborhood Services Department of the City of McKinney collaborates with engaged residents to establish neighborhood associations in their area if there is no existing HOA. The department offers resources, training, and support to help form and develop a neighborhood association. 

A neighborhood association is a voluntary group consisting of residents, business owners, and churches who work together to improve and maintain the quality of life in their neighborhood. If you are interested in creating a neighborhood association in your area, please email the City Neighborhood Engagement Administrator or call 972-547-1063.


Neighborhood Association Grants

The purpose of this grant is to encourage neighborhoods that are not governed by an HOA to organize and meet for the benefit of the residents of the neighborhood and to promote a sense of community, increase safety, and offer the residents an avenue to have a voice in local government.

Approved Grant Expenses

The Neighborhood Association Grant provides $1,500 maximum reimbursement annually for expenses related to:

  • Rental fees for meeting locations
  • Entertainment for neighborhood block parties or social events
  • Food and non-alcoholic beverages for neighborhood events
  • Supplies for neighborhood events, such as paper goods and decorations
  • Improvements in the landscaping of entrance areas
  • Approved signage
  • Other pre-approved expenditures

Prior to applying for a Neighborhood Association Grant, please email the City Neighborhood Engagement Administrator or call 972-547-1063.

Apply for the Neighborhood Association Grant


Welcome Bags

Neighborhood Services provides welcome bags to new residents who have moved within the past month and are new to your Neighborhood Association. These bags are an excellent way to welcome a new neighbor and include some fun swag and basic information about the city. Small treats can be added to make the bags more personal and fun! 

Reserve a Welcome Bag

  • Complete the Welcome Bag Request Form
  • The Neighborhood Engagement Administrator will contact you to confirm the bag(s) are ready
  • Pick up the bags from
    • Housing and Community Development Offices, 406 N. Tennessee St.