Library: Year in Review

The McKinney Public Library experienced lots of growth and success in fiscal year 2023 (FY23), which runs from Oct. 1, 2022 through Sept. 30, 2023. Find out more about our biggest accomplishments below!

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New Memberships: 11,769

Library Year in Review: New Memberships

The McKinney Public Library offers a variety of account types depending on your needs and location of residence. Nearly 1,000 new members joined the library each month.

Each account type saw growth:

  • 4,910 McKinney Resident Memberships
  • 3,670 Digital Memberships
  • 1,775 County Memberships
  • 807 McKinney Juvenile Memberships
  • 269 County Non-Resident Memberships
  • 186 County Juvenile Memberships
  • 140 City Employee Memberships

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Total Household Accounts: 64,913

Library Year in Review: Total Memberships

In total, the McKinney Public Library serves more than 64,000 households across two libraries.

  • 63% of members call the John & Judy Gay Library their home library.
  • 40% of members call the Roy & Helen Hall Memorial Library their home library.

Borrowing Trends: 7% increase in household borrowing

Library Year in Review: Requests

This year, we saw a 7% increase in household borrowing from last year. As we monitor the growth occurring in our membership and in the rates of borrowing, we continuously update our collection to ensure we meet demand.


Collection Growth: 3.6% increase in collection size

Library Year in Review: Collections

In FY23, the collection grew to 1,714,961 total items, a 3.6% increase from last year. With increased rates of borrowing and increased membership come an increase in holds.

  • McKinney Public Library fulfilled 143,554 holds, a 7.8% increase in holds satisfied from FY22.
  • Most of the holds were requested for the John & Judy Gay Library.

Program Attendance: 39,000 guests

Library Year in Review: Attendance

FY23 saw an 11.4% increase in program attendance from FY22. We welcomed over 39,000 guests to program events throughout the year.

Program Attendance:

  • All Ages: 15,339
  • Pre-K: 14,424
  • K - 5 Grade: 3,967
  • 6 - 12 Grade: 4,814
  • Adults: 1,319

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Volunteer Hours: 63% increase

Library Year in Review: Volunteer Hours

Program growth wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of our volunteers. Library programs were supported with over 5,000 volunteer hours. Other volunteers helped to keep the library organized through shelving, materials processing, inventory, and more.

  • Program Prep: 3,426 hours
  • Program Assistance: 2,103 hours
  • Pulling Holds: 462 hours
  • Shelving: 324 hours
  • Inventory: 251 hours
  • Materials Processing: 126 hours

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