Caring for Our City

We need your help! Consider adopting a park, section of creek, green space or road to pick-up litter and help keep our community clean and healthy.

Litter is the biggest source of pollution for our local waterways. Keeping our streams clean means that we live in a healthier community and enjoy a higher quality of life.

We ask volunteers to:

  • Perform quarterly cleanups.
  • Submit a report after the cleanup event

These actions allow us to:

  • Know how much litter was removed from the site.
  • Discover unusual conditions that we need to address.
  • Save time and money and focus resources where they'll do the most good.

Please contact our office by email to get your clean-up started or call 972-547-7475.

Adopt-a-Spot applies only to city property, however, we are willing to work with HOAs to coordinate cleanups in their communities.