Identity Theft

Identity Theft Awareness

Identity theft is a growing crime that can happen to anyone. The information below can help you educate yourself about how to limit your risk.

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If You Have Experienced Identity Theft

McKinney residents who have experienced identity theft can file a report with the MPD. Here is how to file:

  1. Fill out an affidavit
  2. Include all requested information, including any proof that identity theft has occurred. An example of proof might be a letter from the IRS, a collection agency or a credit report from all three bureaus
  3. Bring it to MPD and hand it to the duty officer. A duty officer is available 24 / 7. The MPD will generate a report
  4. MPD investigates
  5. The perpetrator is located or the case is closed

If You Have Experienced Credit Card Abuse or Check Fraud

McKinney residents who have experienced Credit Card abuse can file a report with the MPD. The associated forms are found here:

For More Information

You can find more information on the Federal Trade Commission website.