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McKinney Police Department Applicant Processing

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On Examination Day

On the day of the written examination, please wear appropriate attire and arrive before check-in time. Late check-ins are not acceptable. The test location and time will be provided by email before the test.

After the Written Exam

After the written exam, you will be told whether you passed or failed. If you fail, there will be no further processing, but you may retest after a six-month waiting period. If you pass the test, then you will proceed to the physical fitness test the same day. Standards for this test are listed on the website. You must wear athletic shoes and appropriate workout attire. After successful completion of the written and physical tests you will turn in your Personal History Statement. 

Next Steps

After a background investigator reviews your personal history, you will go through the following steps below. The order is determined by needs and schedules. You will only move to the next step if you pass the previous step.

  • Preliminary PHS review and interview
  • Thorough background investigation
  • Oral Review Board 
  • Interview with the Chief        
  • Polygraph examination    
  • Psychological examination
  • Medical exam

If You Are Not a Certified Texas Peace Officer

If you are not a TCOLE-certified peace officer in the State of Texas, you will attend the basic training course at a designated police academy. The academy is approximately six months long. Your tuition and supplies are paid for and you will also receive a salary. When you complete the academy, you will receive in-house training. This training is to prepare you to use McKinney's paperwork, computer system, radio techniques, policies and procedures. Upon completion of the in-house academy, you will receive approximately 13 weeks of field training.

If You Are a Certified Texas Peace Officer

If you hold a basic certification from TCOLE, you will attend the in-house academy for approximately five weeks. You will also receive the necessary time for successful field training.

If You Are Certified In Another State - Lateral Program

Applicants who have received basic training from an academy in a state other than Texas and have prior law enforcement experience may be eligible for our lateral entry program which would allow them to enter at a higher pay rate based on their years of experience, bypass the academy, and enter into the training program to challenge the state exam and receive in-house academy training.  This will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis whether each candidate is eligible for this program.