Non-Experienced Applicants

If you do not have a Texas Peace Officer Certification through the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE), you will start out as a police recruit. After you graduate from a law enforcement academy and obtain your Texas Peace Officer Certification, you will be at Step 1 of the Police Officer pay scale.

TCOLE-Certified & Experienced Police Officers

If you already have a Texas Peace Officer certification through TCOLE or service in another state, your training and experience will be reviewed by the Chief to determine eligibility for a lateral position. If approved, laterals will enter the pay scale based on their years of full-time peace officer experience. If you are an out-of-state certified officer you may be required to attend another academy if not approved to take our Supplemental Peace Officer course, however you may enter the lateral pay scale based on years of experience. Time spent in an academy, correctional service, or time as a military police officer, will not qualify as time in service for our lateral entry program. The Chief of Police shall make the final decision regarding whether a lateral entry applicant qualifies for a higher pay rate due to their prior years of service.

Salaries - Effective Oct  1, 2023

Step 1$77,355.92
Step 2$80,082.47
Step 3$82,809.02
Step 4$85,535.57
Step 5$88,262.11
Step 6$90,988.66
Step 7$93,715.21
Step 8$96,441.76
Step 9$99,168.31

Benefits & Compensation

  • Salary and benefits while attending the police academy.
  • Paid sick leave and holidays.
  • Fifteen days a year of paid vacation.
  • Longevity pay.
  • Education reimbursement up to 100%.
  • Great work/life balance with twelve-hour shifts.
  • Participation in the Texas Municipal Retirement System.
    • Officer contribution 7% - City matches 2:1.
  • Life, health and dental Insurance.
  • Furnished uniforms and equipment, to include Glock pistol. (Red Dot sights approved after course).
  • Paid training.
  • Vested after five years of service.
  • Eligible for retirement after 20 years.
  • Monthly Certification Pay - $50 Intermediate / $80 Advanced / $110 Master
  • Monthly Education Pay - $50 Associates / $100 Bachelors / $150 Masters