Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division assists crime victims with re-establishing a sense of safety and normalcy. Our personnel accomplish this by working in partnership with other divisions of the police department, city government and the McKinney community to solve crimes.

The abilities, knowledge and high caliber skills of all investigative personnel enable the division to process intelligence information, solve cases, arrest offenders, recover stolen property and develop evidence in an efficient, professional manner. Email the Criminal Investigations Division

Crimes Against Persons

The Crimes Against Persons detectives investigate criminal cases involving assault, family violence, robbery, sex offenses, harassment or death.

Crime Victims Assistance

The Crime Victim Assistance section is staffed with personnel trained to provide crisis intervention, advocacy and support services to crime victims. Assistance includes emotional support, referral to specific provider agencies for focused follow-up services, assistance with filing court papers and monetary claims, court accompaniment, guidance through the criminal justice process and evaluation services for referral to trauma debriefing. Timely interaction with a victim advocate may help enhance the speed and quality of healing.

Information & Intelligence Unit

The Information and Intelligence Unit collects, stores, assesses and disseminates criminal intelligence information using established criteria that provides for the legitimate needs of law enforcement. We gather intelligence for the purpose of identifying criminal patterns or trend development, identification of suspects and criminal enterprises and to identify officer safety issues.

Narcotics Unit

The Narcotics Unit works to provide a drug-free community while protecting and enhancing the lives of current and future generations.

This unit is responsible for investigating offenses that violate the Texas Health and Safety Code. The Narcotics Unit investigates, disrupts and dismantles organized criminal activities that perpetuate drug trafficking, gambling and prostitution in our community. The Narcotics Unit primarily investigates cases involving narcotics activities, and conducts investigations targeting individual suppliers or groups of suppliers that sell and manufacture controlled substances. This is done through covert surveillance, intelligence-gathering, informants and search warrants. The unit operates in a variety of modes, most notably undercover investigations.

Citizens may anonymously call the Narcotics Tip Line to report narcotics violations occurring throughout the City of McKinney. Violations may include growing, manufacturing, distributing or trafficking narcotics. To report illegal narcotic violations contact the Narcotics Tip Line at 972-547-2741.

Property Crimes

The Property Crimes detectives investigate criminal cases involving personal and commercial property including burglary, thefts, robbery and criminal mischief.

Special Victims Unit

Special Victims detectives handle highly sensitive cases involving children. They work very closely with Child Protective Service to ensure that every need of the child victim is taken care of.

Electronic and Financial Crimes

Our Electronic and Financial Crimes Detectives investigate offenses involving forgery, identity theft, credit card abuse, online impersonation,  and breach of computer security.