Professional Services Division

This division is composed of several units and is responsible for administrative reports dealing with police activities. The Professional Services Unit conducts staff inspections to ensure policies are being followed by every unit of the department. Email the Professional Services Division

The Annual Racial Profiling Report is available:

Recruiting & Hiring

The McKinney Police Department is a highly respected professional law enforcement organization. We seek to hire only the finest and most qualified candidates available. We recruit at many college campuses, military bases and law enforcement training centers in search of candidates with a positive attitude who meet our high standards.


Our Training Section provides training that not only meets, but also exceeds basic requirements. This section develops an annual in-service training module that incorporates state-mandated topics of learning, as well as topics proposed by command staff from the department.

Community Services Unit

The focus of this specialized unit is bettering lives by providing assistance with alternative resources through collaboration. Personnel focus on:

  • Crisis intervention in the monitoring of responses to persons demonstrating mental health issues warranting police intervention.
  • Facilitate mental health services between law enforcement and medical facilities.
  • Providing First Responder training regarding crisis intervention and homelessness.
  • Liaising with community outreach programs and addressing homelessness within the city. 
  • Providing Victims Assistance to those in need.

Accreditation & Reporting Section

The Accreditation and Reporting Section is responsible for oversight of CALEA Accreditation and TPCA Recognition for the department as well as aspects of Planning and Research, creation and modification to departmental written directives, divisional inspections, statistical reporting and website maintenance.

Records Section

The Records Section handles all reports generated by the City of McKinney Police Department. Copies of the following reports can be purchased from the Records Section: accident reports, offense reports and arrest reports.

Mounted Patrol

The Mounted Patrol provides highly visible patrol in all areas of the city with special emphasis in the downtown area. Mounted Patrol is also responsible for special events and represents the department at ceremonial events such as parades and exhibitions. 

School Resource Officer Unit

The primary goal of the School Resource Officer Unit is to provide law enforcement services to McKinney’s public schools. The unit personnel are positive role models to the students with the goal of assisting the students in establishing lifelong respect for others as well as creating a positive relationship between students and law enforcement. SROs interact with students through classroom presentations, student counseling, and in the course of investigating criminal activity, on school campuses.

The tip411 program was established through the MPD and MISD to offer students a vehicle for reporting potential violence, drugs, bullying and other sensitive issues anonymously. SROs receive tips sent via text or email specific to each campus and are able to respond to these notifications. For more information on this program, or to submit your anonymous tip online, visit tip411 on the MISD website.

tip411 is not a substitute for calling the Police Department.

If you need to report an emergency or an in-progress incident, dial 911.