Street Maintenance

Right-of-Way (ROW) Utility Permits

Contractors and Subcontractors

City Ordinance requires all permit applicants and their subcontractors be registered with the City of McKinney's Public Works Department before a permit is granted. 

Questions or problems? Contact [email protected]


Traffic Sign Issues & Traffic Signal and Streetlight Malfunctions

For more information about Traffic Signal and Streetlight malfunctions, go to the Traffic & Transportation webpage.
To report a traffic light outage, Use our online form or call 972-547-7360.

Streetlights are maintained by the electric companies. To report a streetlight outage in your neighborhood, use these links:


Road Conditions

To report emergency street issues or the need for repair of any of the following conditions, use our online form or call 972-547-7360.

  • Curb and gutter damage
  • Potholes
  • Debris blocking streets, alleys or creeks
  • Loose or missing storm sewer lids
  • Missing or damaged guardrails
  • Sidewalk damage / trip hazard
  • Stormwater drainage flooding or not flowing properly


Street Sweeping

For emergency sweeping to clean up spills or large amounts of debris, use our online form or call 972-547-7360.

  • Arterial streets are swept quarterly. 
  • Collector streets are swept are swept twice a year. 
  • Residential streets are swept annually.