ET Controller Rebate

ET Controller Retrofit Rebate Program

Enhance your irrigation clock! McKinney residents can purchase an ET irrigation controller that automatically adjusts watering schedules based upon weather conditions and estimated plant demand. Self-adjusting irrigation controllers solve the problem of over-watering by monitoring on-site conditions and providing the right amount of water to maintain ideal, healthy growing conditions.

For additional information, call 972-547-7360 or send an email.

Program Guidelines

This rebate program is intended to encourage retrofits. Only established residential irrigation systems installed before September 1, 2007 are eligible for the $125 ET Controller Retrofit rebate. All new irrigation systems installed on or after September 1, 2007 are required by ordinance to be equipped with an ET Controller and are not eligible for the rebate.

  • You must have a City of McKinney water utility account in good standing for the property where installation of the qualifying item is to occur. This program is for residential and small commercial lots that utilize controllers on the approved list.
  • ET controller sensors must be selected from a city-approved list and installed by a licensed irrigator.
  • The City of McKinney does not require an irrigation permit for irrigation controller retrofits, nor does it endorse specific brands, products or dealers or guarantee the performance or durability of the items purchased.
  • A single participant shall not receive more than $500 in one year from the City of McKinney rebate program for any combination of eligible items.
  • If onsite verification is required, you must have original receipts. If you cannot provide original receipts or installation of the device cannot be verified, the rebate request will be denied.
  • Processing of your completed application may take up to 16 weeks. Once processing is complete and the rebate is approved, a credit will appear on your utility bill.
  • The City of McKinney reserves the right to alter the details of this program at any time.

How to Participate

Mail your application to:

City of McKinney

Attn: ET Rebate

P.O. Box 517

McKinney, TX 75070

Or drop off in person at:

Public Works

1550 S. College St.

Building B

McKinney, TX 75070