Renew Library Materials

The Library offers automatic renewal of items you’ve checked out.

  • Items you’ve checked out will be renewed automatically (up to a maximum of three times) unless there’s a hold request on the item from another patron or your account has accrued over $10 in fees.
  • It's not possible to manually renew items, as this process is now being done for you. You can find the new due date of your checked-out item(s) by logging into your account page in the library catalog. If you have any questions, please call the Library at 972-547-7323.
  • If you’ve selected to receive “item checkout” messages, you’ll be notified by email that the item was renewed automatically.
  • If the item is renewed, its new due date will be three weeks from its previous due date. 
  • If the item is unable to be renewed, and you’ve selected to receive the “advance notice” message, you’ll receive an email prior to the item’s due date.
  • If you have need of more than three renewals, please call the Library at 972-547-7323.
  • These messaging settings (found under “Your Messaging” on your account page) work well for receiving email notices (shown checked below) and/or text messages. (Check the desired functions under "SMS" and either delete or keep the email choices.)
Ideal Messaging Settings