Main Street

Who We Are

Main Street is a national program developed to save historic commercial architecture and has also become a powerful economic development tool. 

The Main Street program offers a nationally recognized practical strategy appropriately scaled to local resources and conditions. And because it is a locally-driven program, all initiatives stem from local issues and concerns. 

Our aim is to improve all aspects of downtown by:

  • Improving economic management.
  • Strengthening public participation.
  • Marketing downtown as a fun place to visit.

We support:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Downtown cooperation
  • Civic concern

McKinney Main Street Vision Statement

McKinney Main Street champions a vibrant downtown - the heartbeat of McKinney since 1848.

McKinney Main Street Mission Statement

McKinney Main Street celebrates our authentic downtown as a destination for everyone. We connect our rich history and bright future through unique cultural experiences. We encourage economic vitality through diverse partnerships and buy-local support. We build strong relationships through shared purposes - all in honor of Historic Downtown McKinney.

McKinney Main Street Core Values

To Preserve Our Historical Assets

  • Protect the traditional, historic feel of Downtown McKinney
  • Safeguard our historical properties

To Be the Heart of Our Community

  • Offer a safe, family-friendly environment for those who live, work, recreate and visit Downtown McKinney
  • Support community gatherings

To Support a ’Uniquely McKinney’ Experience

  • Honor economic, historical and cultural fundamentals
  • Embrace cultural diversity and balance of hip and historic
  • Harness unique experience to create economic development

To Promote Historic Downtown McKinney as a Destination

  • Share Downtown McKinney’s shopping, dining and recreational options
  • Embrace opportunities to communicate our mission, passion and purpose
  • Attract and bring visitors from within and outside of McKinney to Downtown

To Encourage Continuous Economic Development

  • Support managed and smart growth
  • Advocate opportunities that enhance revenue for businesses and City
  • Monitor downtown’s accessibility and parking needs
  • Champion self-sustainability

The Main Street Staff

Often, property owners, merchants and sponsors anticipate Main Street staff devoting the majority of their time and resources to event planning. In the Main Street approach, events and festivals are only a limited way to influence economic development. Because of this, the staff’s charge is actually much broader and includes advancing efforts that effect:

  • Design 
  • Organization 
  • Promotion 
  • Economic Vitality

Main Street Constituents

The Main Street staff answers to many supervisors and constituency groups. Primarily, the McKinney Main Street Board, the City of McKinney and the Texas Historical Commission oversee the development of Main Street’s annual work plan and review the level of success in achieving priority objectives.

Additionally, the Main Street Board and staff work among several other constituency groups that have similar goals. These include the downtown and east side property owners and merchants, and east side residents.

Business Meetings

Business monthly meetings are held at MAPC. Business meetings are on held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 8:30 a.m. Email [email protected] for more information.

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