Internal Affairs

The McKinney Police Department views internal discipline as the principle means of earning community support and promotes an expectation of accountability, thereby establishing mutual public trust.

The Internal Affairs Unit is responsible for internal investigations as well as oversight of data collection associated with Use of Force, Pursuits, Personal Injury and Fleet Accidents. The following table depicts trends in administrative issues for a three-year period.

Administrative Issues | Three-Year Trend

Incident Type 202220212020
Internal Affairs Complaints473637
Citizen Complaints*322636
Personal Injury Tracking423545
Use of Force362925
Fleet Crashes402535
Vehicle Pursuit183630
Summary Discipline323433
*The variance in this category is due to additional training in capturing of this data within this module. These are both internal and external concerns.

File a Police Employee Complaint

You can file a complaint about a police employee with the McKinney Police Department’s Internal Affairs Unit.