Pipeline Incidents

A pipeline includes all parts of a physical facility through which gas, hazardous liquid or carbon dioxide moves in transportation. Pipelines are made up of pipes, valves and other accessories that are attached to the pipe; pumping and/or compressor units; metering, regulating and delivery stations; holders and fabricated assemblies; and breakout tanks. The U.S. Department of Transportation, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration’s (PHMSA) mission is to protect people and the environment from the risks of inherent in transportation of hazardous materials, by pipeline and other modes of transportation.

Pipeline safety in the City of McKinney can be greatly improved with the knowledge of where pipelines are located. This responsibility lies with construction companies and with you as a citizen of McKinney. Since pipelines are usually buried underground, line-markers and signs are placed to approximate their location, especially near intersections of streets, highways, railways or waterways.

Planning to Dig

If you are planning to dig for any reason, call the 8-1-1 call center at least 72 hours before beginning. The pipeline operator will locate and mark the specific location of the pipeline relative to the location of the planned excavation.