Sediment is anything that enters water and settles to the bottom. This is an issue because it causes creeks to fill up and leave their banks when it rains. This can cause flooding and damage to other areas.

Did You Know?

Sediment is the number one pollutant affecting rivers and streams.

Why You Should Be Concerned

  • Sediment clouds the water and makes it difficult or impossible for aquatic plants to grow.
  • Deposited sediments can increase chances of flooding.
  • Sediment can carry toxic chemicals.

What You Can Do

  • Keep and protect existing native trees, bushes and plants on your property.
  • Schedule landscaping projects for dry weather.
  • Use well-adapted native plants that reduce runoff and require little maintenance.
  • Plant lawn alternatives like rain gardens, prairie plants or no-mow lawn mixes.
  • Straw- or chip-mulch over gardens or newly seeded areas.

Report stormwater pollution or dumping of pollutants into stormwater drains by calling 972-547-7350.