Gray Branch Parkland

About the Parkland

Location - 1299 Gray Branch Rd.

Prairieland Restoration Efforts

Gray Branch was once part of a local farm and while much of its prairie nature still exists thanks to that history, we've got some work to do to restore other areas. As part of this initiative, we are planting native wildflowers and grasses. Not only will they add color, but these native plants will also attract butterflies and other pollinators. So, remember to stop and smell the flowers, but leave them "bee!" 

Enjoy watching the progress while hiking and biking along our trails. You'll wind through both wooded areas and open prairie along the paths. 

We've also planted colorful crape myrtles, a Texas Agrilife endorsed adapted plant, to enhance the park's natural beauty. 

Hike & Bike Trails at Gray Branch
Map of hike and bike trails at Gray Branch Park. Links to PDF. Opens in new window


Special thanks to the McKinney Parks Foundation, scout troops, and volunteers who all worked to create our trails. Please visit McKinney Parks Foundation online to find volunteer opportunities.

Proposed future improvements - No timeline

We have no immediate plans for adding either the lighted athletic fields or recreation center to the park at this time. We do, however, believe that residents should be able to enjoy this beautiful property and brought the park online without those features.