Open House Kick Off

Public Open House Kick-Off 

On Tuesday, August 29, 2006 the Planning Department hosted a public open house to kick off the Town Center Study at the McKinney Performing Arts Center at the Historic Collin County Courthouse.

There was a diverse group of 213 attendees at the open house. Throughout the event, attendees had an opportunity to view a video and hear what local residents were saying about the Town Center. The open house was set up with 7 “stations”, with each station having a different purpose. Six of the stations were manned by Planning Staff, with the other station being covered by members of the consultant team. This set-up allowed participants to wander around to each station at their own pace, gather information, participate in the image preference survey, read posters, collect handouts, fill out workshop sign-up cards, and engage Staff members/consultants in a face-to-face discussion. Some of the station topics included:

  • Image Preference Survey: This station gave participants the opportunity to view a series of images and score each image based on how aesthetically pleasing they found it to be.
  • Overview of the Town Center Study: This station allowed participants to learn more about the Town Center Study and the design workshop process.
  • Existing Conditions: This station allowed participants to learn general characteristics such as existing land uses, zoning, and demographic information found in and around the Town Center Study area.
  • Overview of Design Workshops: This station was set up to inform participants of what they could expect during the design workshop process.
  • In advance of the open house, Staff’s extensive public outreach efforts included mail-outs of over 600 personalized invitation letters to key stakeholders (such as property owners, business owners, etc) and nearly 10,000 postcard invitations to every possible address in the study area. Outreach efforts also included an article and advertisement in the August edition of City Times newsletter, an article and advertisement in the McKinney Courier-Gazette newspaper, and a press release.
  • Following the public open house, the Town Center Study received significant media attention with articles published in the McKinney Courier-Gazette and The Dallas Morning News.