Why is the city studying this?

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) plans to begin a full reconstruction of S.H. 5 generally between Spur 399 and U.S. 380 in early 2025. As currently planned, very minor improvements would be made to improve pedestrian crossing safety near Downtown McKinney by TxDOT. As areas east of S.H. 5 are undergoing redevelopment, the city is evaluating alternatives to improve crossing safety, strengthen connections between communities currently divided by the highway, and further enhance the Historic Downtown McKinney Cultural District.

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1. What is the study area?
2. Why is the city studying this?
3. How would the proposed improvements be paid for?
4. Will the city need to acquire private property?
5. How do I learn more about the study efforts?
6. When will this study be complete, and what are the next steps?
7. I thought TxDOT was making improvements to S.H. 5. Is this study part of that project?
8. What is the schedule for the construction of these improvements?