I have an ET controller exemption; I thought I was exempt from the watering guidelines.
  • During non-drought conditions, in exchange for installing water-saving evapotranspiration (ET) technology, the city provides an exemption that allows you to irrigate your lawn and other landscaping on non-designated watering days. This exemption is predicated on sufficient water supplies. Unfortunately, the north Texas region has been experiencing significant drought conditions this summer which has stretched NTMWD's capacity to deliver water. Therefore, NTMWD is asking its member communities to restrict water usage to lower demand within its systems.
  • As stated in the ET controller exemption guidelines, the city has the right to alter the program anytime. The temporary pause of the water exemption is one of the ways the city is doing its part to reduce the demands on the water system to ensure everyone has water to meet their essential needs.
  • When the ET exemptions resume, the city will post on McKinneyTexas.org/WaterSmart.

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4. I have an ET controller exemption; I thought I was exempt from the watering guidelines.
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