Is the city running out of water? Why are the guidelines being enforced?

Water is a finite resource, and our region's ability to supply water is constrained by multiple factors, including the water treatment plant capacity, pipe capacity (diameter), pumping capacity, lake levels, and other related factors. NTMWD has indicated that they are nearing the upper limit of their delivery capacity and are requesting member cities and customers to conserve water. It is important to reduce water demand now before more stringent regulations may be necessary to meet basic human and public safety needs. Long term, NTMWD is focused on expanding production and storage capacity through projects such as Bois d'Arc lake and the Leonard Treatment plant; however, these projects take many years to plan and construct.

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1. What are the city's current watering guidelines?
2. What happens if I don't follow the guidelines?
3. Can I water my landscape (i.e., trees, flowers, vegetable gardens) more than my lawn or outside the watering guidelines?
4. I have an ET controller exemption; I thought I was exempt from the watering guidelines.
5. Do commercial businesses have different guidelines than residents?
6. Why do I see gallons of water running out of a hydrant? Isn't that just wasting water?
7. Is the city running out of water? Why are the guidelines being enforced?
8. Can I do anything to keep my grass from turning blonde, given the current temperatures and watering guidelines?
9. How do I report a violation?
10. Why do I see the city still watering parks outside of the watering guidelines?
11. I have new sod, trees, flowers or bushes. Can I water them more until they are established?