What do feral hogs eat?

In a word, everything. Feral hogs are omnivorous, meaning they eat both plant and animal matter. They are very opportunistic feeders, and much of their diet is based on availability.

Foods include grasses, forbs, roots and tubers, browse, acorns, fruits, and bulbs. Animal matter includes invertebrates (insects, snails, and earthworms), reptiles, and birds. Hogs will also feed on domestic animals if given the opportunity.


  • Remove food sources that would attract feral hogs and other wildlife that become their prey.
    • It’s important to control grub and nutsedge because hogs and other animals dig up the ground to reach these food sources.
    • Do not feed the wildlife or feral cat colonies. This attracts the wildlife closer to our homes.
    • Bird feeders will often attract mice/rats and other small animals that are easy prey for bobcats.
    • Make sure trashcans are properly locked and secured. If possible, store them inside your garage.

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