How can I prepare for the inspection?
The McKinney Fire Marshal's Office has prepared an informational brochure, "Are You Up To Code", that outlines the most common fire code violations. This brochure is design to address the majority of the questions regarding an inspection. A copy of the brochure may be requested by contacting our office and a fire inspector will deliver the brochure and go over any questions you may have.

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1. What is a fire inspection?
2. How can I prepare for the inspection?
3. How often will my business or property be inspected?
4. How much will the inspection cost?
5. What if I have a question about the inspection and fire code violations?
6. How long do I have to correct the fire code violations noted on an inspection?
7. Can I schedule a courtesy inspection or fire code consultation?
8. When is a Knox Box required?
9. When do I need a permit?
10. How much does a permit cost?
11. How do I get a permit application?
12. How do I schedule an inspection?
13. When does my fire code permit expire?
14. Why do I need to submit fire protection plans before I can receive inspections from the Building Inspections Department?
15. Where is the McKinney Fire Marshal's Office located?