What are Impact Fees?
Impact Fees are authorized under Chapter 395 of the Texas Local Government Code.

Texas Local Government Code defines impact fees as “a charge or assessment imposed by a political subdivision against new development in order to generate revenue for funding or recouping the costs of capital improvements or facility expansions necessitated by and attributable to the new development”

As it relates to Impact Fees, “new development” shall mean the subdivision of land; the construction, reconstruction, redevelopment, conversion, structural, alteration, relocation, or enlargement of any structure; or any use or expansion of the use of land; any of which increases the number of service units.

Impact Fees do not include:
  • Dedication of land for public parks or payment in lieu of the dedication to serve park needs
  • Dedication of rights-of-way or easements or construction or dedication of on-site or off-site water distribution, wastewater collection or drainage facilities, or streets, sidewalks, or curbs if the dedication or construction is required by a valid ordinance and is necessitated by and attributable to the new development
  • Lot or acreage fees to be placed in trust funds for the purpose of reimbursing developers for oversizing or constructing water mains, sewer mains or lines
  • Other pro rata fees for reimbursement of water or sewer mains or lines extended by the political subdivision

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1. The information in these FAQs is adapted from Chapter 395 of the Texas Local Government Code
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