Does the City of McKinney have a public storm shelter?

The City of McKinney does not have a public storm shelter for many reasons. Please read below for more details. Traveling to a shelter Residents are encouraged to stay home during all types of severe weather. Traveling is extremely dangerous and exposes residents to the very hazard they are trying to avoid. Traveling is also a concern because residents may get stuck in traffic while driving to a shelter, causing residents to be vulnerable in their vehicles. Another reason we encourage staying home, is that residents may not be able to get to a shelter in time. A tornado warning typically provides residents with 10-15 minutes of advanced warning, sometimes less. This is often not enough time for residents to leave their homes and drive to another location. Please see what to do before, during and after severe weather.

Shelter Capacity Due to the population of the City of McKinney, building a shelter large enough to protect even a small portion of McKinney residents is not feasible. Opening a public shelter would also lead residents to driving to the shelter during severe weather, putting themselves and their families more at risk to the elements. Shelter Availability The shelters may not always be open. Opening a public shelter would require staff or volunteers to be ready and available during severe weather. It is often difficult to determine the exact location and timing of severe weather, therefore staff or volunteers may not be available to open and manage a public shelter. Fire Stations City of McKinney fire stations do not have places to shelter residents in the event of severe weather. Residents who seek shelter at fire station

  • Are at risk of getting caught outside in the storm
  • May arrive to find the Station empty and locked
  • Limit the number of personnel who are able to respond to emergency calls

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1. Does the City of McKinney have a public storm shelter?
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