What are the most common issues noted by Fire Inspectors?
Following is a list of the items fire inspectors most frequently find during an inspection. Use the list to help you with your self-evaluation.

  • Portable fire extinguishers that need to be annually inspected by a state-licensed company
  • Non-operational emergency lighting and exit signs. In most cases a light bulb just needs to be replaced. These can be purchased at most home improvement stores
  • Extension cords are used instead of a UL-listed surge suppressor
  • Boxes and other combustibles are stored up to the ceiling or in front of the exit door
  • Exit door is locked or obstructed during business hours
  • Address and suite number are not clearly displayed on entry and rear door.
  • Address and suite number are not displayed on the electrical and gas meters outside
  • Combustible materials, boxes and other similar items are stored in the mechanical / electrical room in front of the electrical panel

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2. What are the most common issues noted by Fire Inspectors?
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