What are some helpful phone numbers?
  • Emergency - 9-1-1
  • Police Department (non-emergency) - 972-547-2700
  • Fire Department (non-emergency) - 972-547-2850

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1. Why is the City pursuing annexation?
2. What do I gain from being annexed into the City of McKinney?
3. Will being in the city limits affect my property value? Will properties have to be reappraised?
4. My property is currently classified as Agricultural for appraisal purposes per the Collin Central Appraisal District, will I lose this classification because of annexation?
5. How will annexation affect my taxes?
6. Is there a legal time limit within which a city is required to provide services to annexed areas?
7. How soon after annexation would solid waste collection service be provided?
8. When would residents see improvement in roads that are annexed? Are all roads, in or adjacent to an area, annexed into the City or are some left in the County?
9. Will I be able to continue the use of my property after annexation? Will my property be "grandfathered"?
10. What zoning is placed on my property upon annexation? How does the city rezone property?
11. Will I be able to keep the animals and livestock I presently have?
12. Will I still be able to burn on my property after annexation?
13. Will I still be able to hunt on my property after annexation? How will annexation affect my use of firearms?
14. What about fireworks?
15. The city has many ordinances - is it possible to get copies of these and a list of services provided by the city?
16. Do I need a building permit to build on my property or to make repairs to existing structures?
17. Would annexation affect existing easements along public roads?
18. Does annexation affect deed restrictions?
19. Would annexation affect common area ownership? Would private areas remain private after annexation?
20. Where can I find out more about the Local Government Code and Annexations?
21. What are some helpful phone numbers?