Engineering - How do I request Engineering Construction Inspections?

Call the Engineering Department at 972-547-7475.

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1. General - What is CSS?
2. General - What is eReview?
3. General - What’s the difference between CSS and eReview?
4. General - How do I register in CSS?
5. General - Why can't I find my address when I search for it?
6. General - How will I know what plans to upload for review?
7. General - How do I know when I need to make a payment?
8. General - Do you have any videos to help me through the process?
9. General - Why can’t I add the owner / co-applicant / etc. as another contact in CSS?
10. General - How do I pay my fees?
11. General - I’m the owner / co-applicant / etc. Why can’t I see any invoices for my submittals?
12. General - How can I print my permit?
13. General - Can I use any web browser with CSS and eReview?
14. General - How will I know if the permit I am applying for is within the city limits, the ETJ or outside?
15. General - CSS says my account has been locked out because I entered the wrong password.  What do I do?
16. General - How do I know what staff member is conducting my plan review?
17. General - How do I know that the plans I uploaded to eReview were received?
18. General - How do I add additional contacts to my permit or plan?
19. Building Inspections - After I send in my application, make a payment and receive an inspection, will I receive a confirmation email? 
20. Building Inspections - Why do I have to register to get a garage sale permit? 
21. Building Inspections - My trade contractors have changed; how do I change them on my permit? 
22. Building Inspections - How do I cancel a Building Inspection through CSS?
23. Building Inspections - How do I request a Certificate of Occupancy inspection?
24. Code Services - I am completing a temporary health permit application; where do I put the name of my event
25. Code Services - For a health permit submittal, how do I upload my Certificate of Occupancy, floor plans, certified food manager and other required documents?
26. Engineering - I applied for the wrong Engineering Permit in CSS. What do I do?
27. Engineering - How do I schedule my pre-construction meeting with the Engineering Department?
28. Engineering - How do I request Engineering Construction Inspections?
29. Planning - How do I access my revisions for my Planning Case Submittals?
30. Planning - Is there a way to see the Case Manager for my planning submittal?
31. Planning - What does Hold status mean for a Planning Case?
32. Planning - When will I get my planning submittal comments back?
33. Planning - How do I know if my planning submittal was approved?
34. Planning - How do I schedule a pre-development meeting with the Planning Department?
35. Planning - How do I file a plat?