What are some common leaks and how can I check for them?


You may have a toilet leak If you:

  • Jiggle the handle to stop toilet from running
  • Hear toilet hiss or refill on its own

To detect silent, less noticeable toilet leaks:

  • Place a leak indicator tablet or colored liquid in toilet tank (do not flush).
  • After several minutes, if any color appears in the bowl you have a leak.


  • Place an empty container under the faucet (do not turn it on).
  • After 30 minutes, if water is in container you have a leak.

Hot Water Tank

  • Check the following areas for moisture or drips:
    • Top of tank
    • Pressure relief valve
    • Drain valve
    • Discharge pipe


  • Automatic pool fillers may run non-stop due to a leak or excessive evaporation.

Pipes located in the walls, slab or underground

  • Often difficult to identify and may require a professional plumber

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