How do I read my meter and calculate my usage?

Read your meter

The meter dial registers water consumption and is a cumulative total of the water that has run through the meter since it was installed. You can get the consumption by comparing the beginning reading to a later reading. As water flows through the meter, the register shows the gallons per minute (GPM) in use.AMI Meter

  • The far-right number indicates tenths of a gallon (the decimal is often missed).
  • The numbers to the left of the decimal indicate the tens, hundreds, and thousands of gallons that flowed through the meter.
  • Since we only bill in 1,000-gallon increments, a reading of "15" would depict on your bill. This reading is subtracted from your meter’s previous reading to calculate your consumption. The 878.4 gallons will carry over to the next month.

Calculate your usage

  • Record reading.
  • After a specific period of time re-read meter and subtract initial reading. The difference is your usage.
    • Note that we bill in 1,000-gallon increments.

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