Will the street be concrete or asphalt?

The design of the proposed improvements will provide options for both concrete and asphalt. For either option, the roadway will include concrete curbs and underground storm drainage. A summary of some considerations of each is provided below. For either option, the pavement will be designed to ensure a long serviceable life before repaving is required in the future. A determination of pavement material will be made by the Engineering Department at a later date.

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1. When is construction expected to start and how long is construction expected to last?
2. Will I have access to my driveway during construction?
3. Why is sidewalk only being provided on one side of the street?
4. I have trees located in or near the street/public right-of-way. Will they be removed during construction?
5. Will street lighting be provided as part of this project?
6. Why are portions of Griffin Street less than 26-feet in width?
7. Will the street be concrete or asphalt?