Storms or high winds made a mess; who cleans it up?
  • The homeowner, tenant, HOA or business is responsible for cleaning up and downed trees, branches, limbs, fences that occur on private property. 
  • Trash and recycling debris that results from a storm or strong winds is also the responsibility of the homeowner, tenant, HOA or business even if it’s in the street or on sidewalks.
  • Residents may set yard waste and limbs curbside for normal collection if guidelines are met. If a contractor is hired, they must dispose of the debris. Contractors should not leave the debris for residential collection.
  • A downed trash or recycling container does not qualify as a missed pick-up by Waste Connections. To meet collection guidelines, trash and recycling containers must be upright in correct locations by 7 a.m. even after a storm.

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