What can I do if there is a speeding problem in my neighborhood?

When a large number of vehicles on a road appear to exceed the speed limit, the Engineering Department can determine if a speeding problem exists by conducting a traffic study. A speeding problem is indicated on a residential street when the 85th-percentile speed is equal to or greater than 5 mph over the legal speed limit. If a speeding problem is determined from the traffic study, three potential steps will be taken to address the problem:

  • The Police Department will be informed of the problem and increased enforcement of the existing speed limit may be implemented.
  • The Engineering Department will determine if additional signage, such as speed limit or warning signs, or pavement markings are needed. Driver feedback signage can be installed temporarily on site.
  • The Engineering Department will consult with neighborhood representatives to set up a Neighborhood Traffic Volunteer Program.

A street will be eligible for reevaluation of the speed limit on an annual basis or as changing roadway conditions dictate. All traffic studies are conducted in accordance with established engineering practices and guidelines. You can find more information about the Neighborhood Traffic Volunteer program. If you think you have a speeding problem in your neighborhood, contact the Engineering Department at 972-547-7425.

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