Stormwater pollution only affects streams and creeks. Why should I care?
  • The streams and creeks in McKinney feed into larger rivers, lakes and eventually into the ocean. If you enjoy using these water bodies for swimming, boating or fishing, you are impacted by the quality of the water. Polluted bodies of water may be closed to recreational activity due to health and safety concerns. 
  • If you live near a creek, sediment, erosion and debris in the creek can cause flooding that can impact your life and property. Water heavily polluted with chemicals and trash from land can threaten home and property. 
  • We all need to drink water to survive, and our creeks and streams discharge directly into the lakes from which we get our drinking water. Pollutants in the water require extra treatment, which can lead to higher costs for water treatment and higher water bills. Polluted water affects everyone. 

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1. What is stormwater runoff?
2. Who regulates stormwater runoff?
3. Why all the fuss about stormwater?
4. Stormwater pollution only affects streams and creeks. Why should I care?
5. Into what water bodies does the stormwater from the McKinney storm system discharge?
6. Why is there a marker on our storm drains?
7. Where can I find McKinney’s requirements related to stormwater management?
8. Are there any charges or fees associated with the storm drain system?
9. Who clears clogged storm drains?
10. Why shouldn't yard trimmings and soil go into the storm drain? Doesn't rain wash the same kind of material into the creek anyway?
11. Why isn't stormwater treated before it goes into a creek?
12. What do I do if I see someone dumping something other than rainwater down a storm drain?
13. If I make a complaint, will my name and address be kept confidential?
14. There is mud on the street in my neighborhood. What can the city do about it?
15. There is erosion and poor drainage in the creek near my house. What can the city do about it?