Can I submit a hard copy application?

Applications must be submitted online. If you do not have access to the internet, please email so that arrangements can be made for you to complete an application.

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1. If I’ve received other support funds and still meet the grant eligibility requirements can I still qualify for this grant program?
2. My business is a sole proprietorship. Am I eligible?
3. Can I submit a hard copy application?
4. Can I apply for more than one grant if I own a small business and run a home-based business?
5. How is the City of McKinney funding grant program?
6. Can I apply if I miss the application window?
7. Who do I contact if I have questions about the grant process?
8. If funds are remaining after the grants are awarded, how will the remaining funds be used or distributed?
9. How will funds be allocated if the number of eligible grant applicants exceed the available funds?
10. If I own several locations of the same business, are the 50 FTE employees just for the McKinney location or for all of them?
11. Why do you need my financial information as part of the application?
12. Should I submit my grant early? Are grants first come, first serve? How are grants prioritized?
13. If my business is in the McKinney ETJ, am I eligible for a grant?