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1. How can I get a copy of a fire report?
2. How can I get a copy of an EMS (ambulance) report?
3. How do I pay my ambulance (EMS) bill?
4. Who do I contact with questions regarding an ambulance (EMS) bill?
5. How can I schedule the use of a community room?
6. Can I have a birthday party at a fire station?
7. How do I request a tour?
8. How can I request a McTown Klownz show?
9. Can I get a fire engine to visit my child's school?
10. Will the Fire Department accept torn or tattered flags?
11. Where can I get my blood pressure checked?
12. Can I take CPR and first aid lessons at the Fire Department?
13. Can I buy trash or recycle bags at the fire stations?
14. Where can I get a free smoke alarm?
15. How do I schedule an inspection for a foster home?
16. How do I make a complaint about a fire hazard?
17. How can I relay a compliment or complaint concerning the Fire Department?
18. How do I dispose of unused medication?