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1. GENERAL - How do I apply for a job at Apex Centre?
2. GENERAL - How do I get started at Apex Centre?
3. GENERAL - Do you offer tours?
4. GENERAL - What are the Apex Centre rules?
5. GENERAL - What are the Apex Centre's hours of operation?
6. GENERAL - What are the Apex Centre's pool hours?
7. GENERAL - What are Members-Only Pool Hours?
8. GENERAL - Do you offer open Volleyball times in the Gym?
9. GENERAL - How do I create an online account?
10. GENERAL - Does the Apex Centre offer a supervised playroom?
11. GENERAL - Is smoking allowed at the pools or inside the facility?
12. GENERAL - What should I wear at the Apex Centre?
13. GENERAL - Are lockers available?
14. GENERAL - Does the Apex Centre offer rain checks?
15. GENERAL - What is your Inclement Weather Policy?
16. GENERAL - Is the Apex Centre set up for people with special needs?
17. GENERAL - I lost an item. Do you have a Lost & Found?
18. MEMBERSHIPS - How do I purchase a membership or daily pass?
19. MEMBERSHIPS - What happens if I lose my membership card?
20. MEMBERSHIPS - What do Day Passes include?
21. MEMBERSHIPS - Is there a discount for guests who are not going to participate at the facility?
22. MEMBERSHIPS - What is the definition of family for membership purposes?
23. MEMBERSHIPS - What are the age ranges for membership purposes?
24. MEMBERSHIPS - Are annual passes refundable?
25. MEMBERSHIPS - Are annual passes transferable?
26. MEMBERSHIPS - Can I freeze my membership?
27. MEMBERSHIPS - What is your 30-day opt-out period?
28. MEMBERSHIPS - My family and I have visited the Apex Centre by purchasing day passes. Do we have an account?
29. MEMBERSHIPS - I brought my kids to swim today. Can we create an account online?
30. FUN - What kinds of classes does the Apex Centre offer?
31. FUN - How do I register for a program or class?
32. FUN - Are there day camps or any fun activities when school is out?
33. FUN - Does the Apex Centre have personal trainers?
34. FUN - Do you offer swim lessons?
35. FUN - What amenities does the Apex Centre offer?
36. FUN - Is there an additional price for indoor and outdoor amenities?
37. FUN - Can I host a party at the Apex Centre?
38. FUN - Are there room, pool, or gymnasium rentals available?
39. AQUATICS - What pools and water amenities does the Apex Centre have?
40. AQUATICS - Do you offer a Sauna at Apex Centre?
41. AQUATICS - Do you offer Swim Lessons?
42. AQUATICS - How do I find Lap Lane availability?
43. AQUATICS - Are guests allowed to bring coolers and outside food into the pools?
44. AQUATICS - Are outside floats and goggles allowed in the pools?
45. AQUATICS - What are the height requirements for the slides?
46. AQUATICS - Are life jackets available at the pool?